Market overview

The immigration services and real estate markets are steadily growing. In some countries, demand exceeds supply by several times.

As of 2016, total HNWI wealth worldwide amounted to US $64.3 trillion. Growth in the number of high net worth individuals is being mirrored globally by an increase in the number of services and programs offered to encourage investor migration. The international real estate market sees more transactions as private wealth grows.

During 2015 – 2016, the USA, Great Britain and Canada were the most coveted destinations by immigrants. In 2016, more than 3 million people migrated to the EU. By the end of 2017, Canada will have received more than 300,000 immigrants. From 2005 through 2015, 161,144 business people moved to Canada using residence through investment programs. Over the last 10 years, the USA has attracted US $9 billion in investment due to the EB5 program (investment visa). Of all EB5 visas granted, 75% were issued to citizens of China. More than 5,000 foreign investors have obtained residency and citizenship in Portugal since its Golden Visa program was launched, and 3,376 of these were Chinese. Every year, 300,000 nationals of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan migrate overseas. As of 2015, 15 million Hindus live outside India, including in the EU and the USA. In 2015, 646 foreigners obtained Maltese residence, of which 40% (258 persons) were Russian, 8% were British and 4% were Ukrainian.
Luxury real estate
In 2017, investment transactions involving real estate worldwide totaled US $700 billion. In 2016, the share of private investments in real estate worldwide reached 27%. In 2016, Russian private investment in real property overseas increased by 12%. Germany, Great Britain, and Cyprus enjoy the greatest popularity among citizens of CIS countries looking at acquiring properties worth EUR 1 million or more. In the next five years, 58% of high net worth individuals worldwide plan to acquire properties in Europe, 44% of HNWIs are looking at buying real estate in North America. The majority of high net worth individuals worldwide see value in European real estate. Statistics shows that 83% of HNWIs from Russia and other CIS countries, 89% of HNWIs from the Middle East, 80% of HNWIs from Africa, 39% of HNWIs from Asia, 55% of HNWIs from Latin America, and 52% of HNWIs from North America invest in real property in Europe. In the first quarter of 2017, demand for real estate in Cyprus grew by more than 50% compared to the fourth quarter of 2016. In 2016, property investment in Grenada rose by 23%. In 2015, private individuals from the UAE invested more than US $54 billion in real estate worldwide.

Data sources: Henley & Partners, Investment Migration Council, Global Mobility Trends, Eurostat, Knight Frank, The Guardian.

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