Market overview

The immigration services and real estate markets are steadily growing. In some countries, demand exceeds supply by several times.

As of 2016, total HNWI wealth worldwide amounted to US $64.3 trillion. Growth in the number of high net worth individuals is being mirrored globally by an increase in the number of services and programs offered to encourage investor migration. The international real estate market sees more transactions as private wealth grows.

  • In 2017, 33% of Ukrainians indicated a willingness to move abroad.
  • Studies show that 47% of 30-year old Ukrainians are willing to emigrate, while 38% of 40-year olds, and 28% of 50-year olds would leave their country.
  • Ukrainians are increasingly interested in starting businesses in the EU.
  • In 2015, 345,000 Ukrainians moved to the USA; 267,000 moved to Germany; and 222,000 moved to Italy.
  • Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are the most popular countries for re-registration of businesses by Ukrainians.
  • In 2016, Ukrainians preferred Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Bulgaria for property investment.
  • In 2015, 646 foreigners obtained Maltese residence. Of these, 4% were Ukrainian.
  • In 2014 – 2015, more than 900,000 Ukrainian nationals emigrated abroad.
Global Trends
Every year, more than 300,000 nationals of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan migrate overseas.
€1 million
Citizens of CIS countries interested in acquiring properties worth €1 million or more preferred Germany, Great Britain, and Cyprus.
In 2016, the share of private investments in real estate worldwide reached 27%.
Data sources: United Nations, Research & Branding Group, TNS, Eurostat, Knight Frank, World Wealth Report.
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