MILP 2019
Monaco International Luxury Property Expo
The world’s central exhibition for high-end real estate
The event brings together luxury real estate market professionals from all over the world.
Exhibitors are expected to come from more than 30 countries.

Target audience
Over 100 luxury property developers from 30 countries, including the EU, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and Asia, will showcase their services at the event.
The exhibition will be attended by real estate agents as well as by individual home buyers from all over world. Most attendees are expected from the countries known for major investment in upscale overseas properties, such as Russia, China, India, and the Middle East.
Hosted buyers
We will bring hosted buyers to the exhibition - best luxury real estate agents, meticulously selected from across the globe.
Event format
Open to public, the MILP Expo will draw private clients, market professionals, and the mass media.

MILP Expo Benefits
The MILP Expo is set to become an annual gathering for luxury real estate market professionals.
The MILP Expo will be attended by the world’s most influential mass media, opinion leaders, and high net worth individuals.
The MILP Expo works with luxury brands including cars and jewelry. That will also highlight the prestigious status of the event.
An international conference dedicated to overseas upmarket real estate will be held as part of the MILP Expo. Keynote speakers will include government representatives from around the world, heads of professional associations, opinion leaders, and senior executives of multinational companies.

Join us
If you are interested in exhibiting at the event, complete the form on the Expo’s website.
+44 20 335 581 11
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