Market overview

The immigration services and real estate markets are steadily growing. In some countries, demand exceeds supply by several times.

As of 2016, total HNWI wealth worldwide amounted to US $64.3 trillion. Growth in the number of high net worth individuals is being mirrored globally by an increase in the number of services and programs offered to encourage investor migration. The international real estate market sees more transactions as private wealth grows.

  • India has 218,600 HNWIs, who collectively control US $877 billion.
  • As of 2015, more than 15.6 million Indian immigrants were residing abroad.
  • Indians favor the UAE as an immigration destination. More than 3.5 million Indian nationals reside in the Emirates.
  • 2 million Indian immigrants reside in the USA.
  • In 2013-2014, Indians invested more than US $5.8 billion in residential properties in the USA.
  • Indians prefer property investments in Singapore, New York, Dubai, and London.
  • In London, of buyers of properties worth US $1 million or more, 3% are Indian nationals.
Global Trends
Of Asia-based HNWIs, 39% invest in real estate in Europe.
In 2016, most business immigrants to the USA came from Asia.
$700 billion
In 2017, worldwide real estate transactions totaled US $700 billion.
Data sources: World Wealth Report, Migration Policy Institute, Knight Frank, Pew Research Center, Global Mobility Trends, The New York Times.
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